Srilakshmi Amarnath: gravitating towards strategic leadership roles.

As an international banking professional with 17 years of experience, Srilakshmi Amarnath is an expert in international payments and cash management. She has also led several bank transformations, managing complex and large teams. Doing an MBA at Solvay, of which she graduated in 2018, enabled her to tackle new challenges.

Solvay Executive MBA excels at providing a holistic view of today’s business challenges and equipping us practical solutions for addressing real-world issues.

What is your current job and position ?

I am currently part of the leadership team at one of Belgium’s largest banks, where I oversee initiatives relating to payment transformation and innovation.

How about your past professional experience ?

I began my career as a core payments specialist, a role that also saw me serving as a subject matter expert on payment operations and helping onboard new joiners. My knack for working well with people was noticed by my superiors, who suggested I expand my payment specialist role to also include people management.

Over the years I have served in a variety of leadership roles, including team lead, team manager, Head of International Payments and Cash Management, and Blockchain Guild Lead. To better position myself to successfully tackle these new challenges, I decided to pursue an Executive MBA.

Why did you feel that it was the right moment to join an Executive MBA?

After almost 17 years in the banking and the financial sector, I felt my career was no longer moving forward and the day-to-day was beginning to get monotonous. This was a bit of a wake-up call for me. I decided to take action, challenge the status quo and invest more time in my professional development.

Why did you choose Solvay Brussels School in particular to accompany you in your career development?

I felt I was part of the ´family´ the moment I started interacting with Solvay. The course curriculum is well thought and well organized and combines the basics – finance, accounting, etc. – with such hot topics as innovation, global entrepreneurship and digital enterprises. The schedule was perfect as it lets working professionals like me to combine work with an executive education. The international faculty are always helpful and go out of the way to assist you in your work.



I felt I was part of the ´family´ the moment I started interacting with Solvay.

How was your MBA perceived in your professional environment?

My decision to pursue an Executive MBA was fully supported by my senior management as they recognized the added value it would bring in terms of strategic thinking and execution.




How is your MBA helping you in your job today?

I feel Solvay’s Executive MBA excels at providing participants with a holistic view of today’s business challenges while equipping us practical solutions for addressing real-world issues.
Thanks to it, I am a more well-rounded person and a seasoned professional. I certainly give credit to my MBA for helping to improve my strategic thinking process.

The numerous case studies and hands-on exercises that are a fundamental part of the Solvay Executive MBA experience really enable one to think strategically, identify the problem and implement innovative solutions.
As an innovation catalyst, I am responsible for bringing forward new technologies capable of meeting the evolving demands of our customers.

In this role, I am constantly leveraging what I learnt from Solvay’s Leading Innovation course and from the Advisory Lab, which also helped me discover my leadership style and gave me the skills needed to tackle new challenges and to manage with confidence.

What would you say to potential future MBA candidates who are still hesitating?

I would strongly recommend anyone who wants to invest in themselves to pursue an Executive MBA. Combining your work experience with an Executive MBA will give you the skills you need to tackle any problem with confidence.
An Executive MBA is also a place where you can meet like-minded individuals and grow your professional network.
To be honest, when I started my MBA journey, my goal was to open up and learn. Changing jobs was not on my agenda. But my Executive MBA helped me challenge the status quo and encouraged me to explore new passions that I never realized I had.