Program structure
We begin your transformation by building within you a strong core of knowledge in the following five key areas, each involving highly interactive academic sessions, workshops and group works.

Managing and leading in the face of complexity

Team Building and Leadership
Organizational Behavior
Strategic Management
Digital Leadership

Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship

Leading Innovation
IT and e-commerce (optional)
Global Entrepreneurship
Business Game

Finance and Economics for global managers

Financial Accounting
Introduction to Economics
Macroeconomics in the global economy
Managerial Accounting & Controlling
Corporate Finance (optional)

Excellence in business performance

Operations Management
Project Management
Negotiation Analysis (optional)
Business Analytics

International Business and Marketing strategies

Strategic Brand Management (optional)
The courses are articulated over a 3 level approach that progressively will bring you to a higher level of business acumen and leadership sharpness.
Test the theories you learn and ideas that pop during class in the real world with Solvay Labs. You’ll work closely with faculty to develop a thrilling personal project where you test an innovative new business or help top companies enhance theirs.
Labs embrace experiential learning, enabling you to turn a company into your classroom and the world into your campus. It’s hands-on, full-on learning to launch you boldly into a new future.

Advisory Lab (A-Lab)

Help a company tackle a crucial business challenge in areas ranging from capital financing and product launch to supply chain management. And get ready to do it with some of the world’s best companies and most exciting start-ups in Brussels.

Entrepreneur Lab (E-Lab)

You’ve got a bright idea for a business, now put it to test with the support of faculty, your peers, alumni and the full weight of the Solvay Brussels School. E-Labs gives you access to business angel groups and personalised counsel from leading entrepreneurs.

Internship Lab (I-Lab)

Get real-world experience in the industry or company you want with employers who appreciate the difference of a Solvay education. We’ll work closely with you to ensure that your internship is a meaningful experience that adds real value to your resume.

Strategy Lab (S-Lab)

Use the S-Lab to dive into the strategic challenges your company or organization (or one for which you have a strong interest) experiences. The Strategy Lab give you the opportunity to explore your business interests, develop breakthrough solutions that work and develop your executive readiness.
The Career Advancement Program (CAP) gives you the tools and insights to launch yourself into a bold new future. You dream it, we give you the resolve and resources to go out into the world and do it.
Our faculty and expert coaches offer group seminars and personalized counsel to help you realize your best, most authentic self on your MBA journey. Together, we prepare you for a lifetime of achievement.

Personal coaching

Our team of executive coaches will personally guide you, offering the insights and professional networks you need for post-MBA success. Our coaches come from various industries and backgrounds, reflecting the diversity of our community.

Company internship

Leverage the CAP to identify the best internship for you. We’ll help you find the right company and the right position to realize your full potential. Internships have paved the way to success for generations of Solvay students, and can for you too.

Group sessions

CAP mentors will take you on a journey where you explore your personal and professional potential alongside your peers. You’ll learn new things about yourself and expand your horizons in ways you never expected.
Time commitment

Our program is completely executive-friendly. We have focused courses on the evenings and weekends and given you total freedom to complete your degree in 18 months.
Many Solvay students find jobs or start new ventures while they are taking classes. And we encourage it. As an executive MBA program, our goal is to see you simutaneously thrive in business and in the classroom.

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