From Management to Leadership Essentials

Your transformative journey commences with a set of six core courses covering management essentials, followed by core and elective courses on management control, marketing, strategy, business analytics and digital leadership. These classes ensure you have a solid foundation in leadership from which to build from.

We begin your transformation by building within you a strong core of knowledge in the following five key areas, each involving highly interactive academic sessions, workshops and group works.

Managing and leading in the face of complexity

Team Building and Leadership
Organizational Behavior
Strategic Management
Digital Leadership

Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship

Leading Innovation
IT and e-commerce (optional)
Global Entrepreneurship

Finance and Economics for global managers

Financial Accounting
Introduction to Economics
Managerial Accounting & Controlling
Corporate Finance (optional)

Excellence in business performance

Operations Management
Project Management
Negotiation Analysis
Business Analytics

International Business and Marketing strategies

Strategic Brand Management (optional)
The courses are articulated over a 3 level approach that progressively will bring you to a higher level of business acumen and leadership sharpness.

Where Change Happens

The Solvay Career Advancement Program (CAP) is where your knowledge and skills are transformed into change. With the support of a personal coach, your fellow classmates and the extensive Solvay alumni network, this is where it all comes together. By learning to leverage your knowledge and skills and discovering your leadership style, you will emerge well-positioned to have a transformational impact on the people, places and projects you influence.

Personal coaching

A team of executive coaches personally guide you through your transformational journey. By offering their unique, experience-based insights and connecting you to their curated professional network, our coaches ensure your success both during and after the Executive MBA program. 

A Deep Dive into Learning by Doing

Solvay Labs is where you get your hands dirty. Using the skills developed in your Core classes, the Labs challenge you to experiment with innovation, sustainability and strategy. This is your opportunity to test, explore and develop a concept, turning what was once just an idea into a practical business solution.

Advisory Lab (A-Lab)

Help a small or large company tackle a real business challenge in areas ranging from capital financing to product launch and supply chain management

Entrepreneur Lab (E-Lab)

Put your bright idea to the test with the support of faculty, your peers, alumni and the full-weight of the Solvay Brussels School.

Strategy Lab (S-Lab):

Apply what you learn in class by preparing and presenting a report on a strategic issue involving the company or organization you work for.

This is the first opportunity participants have to leverage their newly acquired skills and critically assess the sustainability policy of a real company. Within the framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, this project is about using innovative ideas to generate sustainable change.

Program Structure
Time commitment: a condensed and flexible schedule

Earning an Executive MBA takes time – a commodity that is often in short supply. You shouldn’t have to choose between an advanced degree and your work. That’s why Solvay designed a schedule that lets you remain fully effective at work while fully engaged in your studies. The program lasts 18 months and runs from October to April. Classes are typically held one long week-end per month built on a blended learning approach. This creates an interesting combination of on-campus sessions, organized from Thursday evening to Saturday evening, and asynchronous 4-hour online seminars, offered for each of the courses.

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