Preparation for a lifetime of achievement

There’s a reason why some of the world’s best companies recruit and hire Solvay graduates. As business becomes increasingly global and competitive, companies need innovative thinkers and accomplished doers who they can trust to lead. After your MBA, you’ll have the profile employers are looking for.

Solvay’s corporate partners will help prepare you for a lifetime of achievement. The opportunities you’ll have to meet leading executives, listen to their stories and work alongside them will make you sharper and stronger.

Solvay’s 22,000 strong alumni network will also play a decisive role in your success. You’ll find Solvay alums fiercely loyal and proud to support future graduates. Just like your new tribe of classmates who will champion your success for years to come.

Check out the career advancement program (CAP) to learn more about how Solvay prepares you for a lifetime of achievement
Corporate partners

Our corporate partners hire and train students while also contributing to Solvay’s governance and academic design. They play a key role in ensuring your coursework matches the real business needs of employers.

Companies are also key players in our Advisory and Internship Labs. If you would like to offer our students an internship in your organization or collaborate with you on a specific project, please contact us.
Alumni Network

Your degree offers access to an exclusive group of 22,000 alumni around the world. Our alumni are among the best and brightest in business, and can contribute in critical ways to your success.

Class network

Your fellow classmates will become your new tribe, turning into one of the most valuable resources you gain from your MBA. Friendships and relationships that begin on campus will continue, enriching your personal life and career in unforeseen ways.

“ Solvay is a career
accelerator that helped me
to realize my full
Elena Gil, MBA Alumna 2015,
Strategy Consultant at Proximus
Woman career
Business Voice Series

Solvay offers exclusive access to leading executives from top companies and organisations from around the world. With our Business Voice Series, students have listened, learned and engaged with executives on some of the most important and challenging issues facing business leaders today.

Events in this series combine learning with networking by bringing invited guests together with students, faculty and alumni from across the Brussels school on a monthly basis.
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