See Yourself at Solvay

Ready to experience the transformation that is an Executive MBA? Need help taking an innovative idea and turning it into the next disruptor? Want to gain new skills so you can lead the change at your company?

If this sounds like you, then it’s time to see yourself at Solvay Brussels School.

Do You Qualify?

To apply, all students must have:

  • ■ Minimum three years of significant work experience
  • ■ Outstanding academic record
  • ■ English proficiency certificate from TOEFL, TOEIC or Solvay test
  • ■ Scores from GMAT, GRE or Solvay test
Applications process

Our admissions are conducted on a rolling basis, meaning you can apply at any time.

After receiving your application, you may be invited for an interview, which can take place either in-person or online.

Get a personal assessment

Submit your CV and an admissions officer will assess your profile and evaluate whether the Solvay Executive MBA is a right fit for you. Assessments can take place by phone or in-person.

Visit an Open Day

Our Open Days are packed with informational sessions, master classes and networking events. They are also an excellent opportunity to meet the staff, faculty, alumni and students that will define your Executive MBA experience.

Attend a class

What better way to understand our philosophy than to see our faculty and students in action.

Talk with an alumnus

Hear their experiences and learn how they continue to benefit from their Solvay Executive MBA.

Financing your MBA

Solvay Brussels School has a well-earned reputation as a school of opportunity for all. Our admissions team can help you to identify and access the financial services and resources you need to make your MBA dream a reality.

Tuition fees

32.000 €

Some employers will finance all or part of your MBA tuition. We welcome the opportunity to talk with employers about sponsorship. Contact our admissions team to get started.
We offer numerous scholarships each year to promote diversity in the classroom, academic excellence and equal access to learning. Scholarships are awarded based on merit and financial need. Please contact our Admissions Office to know more about the opportunities available for the upcoming Executive MBA intake.
Many governments offer funding in the form of grants and scholarships. Contact the authorities in your country or visit educational platforms online to learn more about the resources that may be available to you.
Student loans remain the most common source of financing. Please check with your bank which are the conditions offered for educational purposes.
We offer a limited number of honor loans of up to 50% of total tuition based on a student’s merit, financial need and good standing.
Your MBA may be a tax deductible expense. Check with the authorities in your country to learn more.
Solvay Executive Education Alumni are eligible for a tuition discount. Reduced tuition is also available for partner organizations and companies as well as employees of non-governmental organizations who self-finance their MBA. Please contact our Admissions Office to know more about eligibility criteria and applicable discount rates.


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Attend an info session

Visit campus during one of our regular “open days” to meet the staff, faculty, alumni and students who will define your MBA experience. The information sessions, master classes and mixers with students will teach you everything you need to know.

Info session

Attend a class to see our faculty in action, challenging students to expand their minds and horizons. Please contact us to receive the detail of the classes available.

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