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The Solvay Executive MBA provides the skills, confidence and network you need to Lead the Change.

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Lead the Change

In our volatile world, change is the only constant. To future-proof themselves in an era of rapid transformation, businesses demand leaders who can not only respond to today’s challenges, but who can also anticipate the challenges of tomorrow.

The Solvay Executive MBA equips participants with the skills, confidence and network they need to Lead the Change. At the end of the program, new graduates leave with much more than a degree and a list of new management competencies. They are transformed. They have a keen sense of purpose and self-confidence, an innovation mindset, and a network of expertise.

There’s a reason why Solvay graduates are sought after by some of the world’s best companies: they come equipped to lead the change.



Solvay Labs is your opportunity to test, explore and develop a concept, transforming an idea into a practical business solution.


Solvay’s Executive MBA program leverages its Brussels location by regularly inviting industry experts, global executives, thought-leaders, change-makers and representatives from the highest-levels of government into the classroom.


Solvay’s international faculty’s unique combination of academic excellence and real-world experience brings a whole new perspective into the classroom.


High-achievers from around the world choose Solvay because of its diverse, international community. You’ll thrive with the support, network and opportunity that our students, faculty and alumni offer.

Our namesake

“Innovation. Entrepreneurship. Exploration.
Risk-taking. Humanism.This is the legacy of our namesake, scientist and businessman, Ernest Solvay, which has been embedded into the very foundation of our school for more than a century.

Ernest Solvay
(1838 – 1922)

Ernest Solvay
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